A Bacon Butty and my 200pennyworth.

This blog was going to be about food in the trenches. I love food, don’t care what it is, never ask when I abroad. I eat anything and at some point in life every thing. The only thing I have refused was was in the Far East  and that was an unsubstantiated offer of would I like to go somewhere where I might be offered longpork. I do love the smell of bacon cooking in the morning. The sizzling of bacon, could kill for a bacon butty.

Lots of talk this week about the new £2 coin with Kitchener on it. I like it. Kitchener is an icon, the poster, “Your Country Needs You is iconic. It and the coin represents the start of the Great War. The time before Loos, The Somme, and Passchendaele. The time before  the bulk of the men actually went to the trenches. One of the recipes I was going to post comes from the trenches It involves bathing Army biscuits in sizzling ham fat. God I feel the saliva ahh.

Anyway some people don’t like it. It seems they would prefer a poppy.  Not a symbol people would have associated with the war back in the days when the lights went out. The Poppy is also not as universal as those people would like to imply. Should it be a “White Poppy”, a symbol of peace and the post war anti war movement? Should it be a Red Poppy? A symbol of remembrance. In which case, an English, or a Scots poppy?  Haig would have liked the Scots poppy. In any case it is not a symbol associated with 1914. Heaven forbid we turn the centenary into a four year funeral service, its bad enough already with out that. on a coin in 2018 yes, in 2014, no.

I like brown sauce on my bacon, always preferred it to ketchup, going to have to get my self a bacon butty.

Other people have started a campaign to have to have Edith Cavell’s head on a £2 coin. Edith Cavell was unheard of in August 1914. The execution of Edith Cavell was a gift to British propaganda. The execution of a nurse for helping wounded soldiers of both sides. Yep time to raise a few myths and point out German atrocities of which there were many. The shooting of Edith Cavell however was not an atrocity. foolish, lost Germany a lot of support in the wider international community. For Germany a propaganda disaster. A triumph for British propaganda, it united a lot of people behind the war effort, but the execution was not an atrocity. Edith Cavell was shot for helping British soldiers escape. We would have done exactly the same to any nurse helping German soldiers escape. Patriotism is not enough, you need brains too.

Back to the bacon and my 200 penny worth. Put a picture of a couple of rashers of bacon,cooking, in a frying pan on the next £2 commemorative coin. Bacon cooking was one of the smells the old veterans of the trenches I spoke to in my youth remembered from there time in the firing line. Bacon cooking is what burning human flesh smells like after all.


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