MASH the real story

The World’s First Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) unit


The idea was actually born in the South African Wars at the turn of the 20th Century, in the head of a young RAMC soldier called Henry Wade. There it stayed until 1914 and the outbreak of the Great War. Henry Wade was now a Doctor in Edinburgh, he was a Medical Officer in the Scottish Horse. The Scottish Horse was mobilised at Dunkeld and from there they proceeded to Tyneside for training before they proceeded to Gallipoli. After Gallipoli the “Unit” was moved to the Canal and handed over to the Australians. The Unit then followed the Egyptian Expeditionary Force, under Allenby, until the end of the war. the follow-able route goes from Cairo and ends in Jerusalem. The only part not drive-able is the crossing through Gaza, which is a few hundred yards and an easy walk. It includes the main battles of Allenby’s campaigned.

The resources available are Maps and books on the campaign from my own collection include official histories, Henry Wade’s biography, Eran Dolev’s book, Eran was head of the Israeli Defence Forces’s Medical Services. Other resources exist in the Army Museum at Edinburgh Castle, the Surgeon’s Museum in Edinburgh, and resources do also exist in the RAMC Museum near Aldershot. Maps are readily available, and the scenery-what an incredible resource.

That said I have all the resources to plot the campaign, the route, and explain the story.

The story would be of interest to Americans because of the MASH connection. Australian’s because they used the Unit too. The British, and others so there is a wide varied audience. A Great British idea and invention, highly successful.

So if you are on twitter, get @SkyNewsWW1 to commission @flanders1914. to make a film about the world’s first MASH unit. The Canal to Jerusalem. Really Edinburgh to Dunkeld, Tyneside, Gallipoli, the Canal, then Jerusalem in time for Christmas. The route is all planed, drivable, scenic, lots of laughs, the odd battlefield or two, well five. plus the odd skirmish.

If not can you email and tell him.

Thank you.


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