Folkestone, and the reality of the Great War.

Millions of soldiers passed through Folkestone in the Great War. They were on their way to Southampton, London, Edinburgh, Dover, all over the United Kingdom as well as to Boulogne in France. This is just one of them.

No. 265384 Private George Edwards, 1/6th Seaforth Highlanders. He was born on the 5th September 1893. George enlisted in March 1914. his parents were George and Jessie Edwards of 11 Clifton Road Lossiemouth. Private George crossed from Folkestone with the rest of the 1/6th Seaforths on the first of May 1915.

He served throughout the rest of the war with the Seaforth’s. After the war he returned home, unwounded, and got on with his life.

That is the reality of the Great War. Most of the soldiers who were in Folkestone were just passing through. Most returned to the UK unwounded and unharmed. Most then just got on with their lives.


One thought on “Folkestone, and the reality of the Great War.

  1. 8055bell

    I’m enjoying your blog.There’s some interesting well written posts. Congrats.
    On this one, I’m not sure it’s correct to suggest that most men returned un-wounded & unharmed. The more I read, the more I realise there were widespread mental health issues from insomnia onwards. Don’t want to be a pedant but….
    All the best



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