WWI in 100 objects, World War One in three minutes, continued.

Now I was going to write a wee blog about A Baby. Often neglected, well forgotten really. We remember Scots, English, Irish, Welsh, Indians, Chinese, etc. We even mention the Home Front, Western Front, Cold Fronts and Warm Fronts. Miners, Minors, Mothers, Brothers, Fathers, and Sons, but never Peace Babies.

Yep Peace brought a baby boom, so as I am not going to write a blog this time, its just a request for help-I need a Thesis Coach, Folkestone/Ashford or anywhere in between.

I was going to blog about one Peace Baby in particular. Still around today, .I actually bit her head off. I tend to do that, Peace Baby? Yes, thank you off with there head-that way you can’t hear them scream. Used to love them as a kid. First produced by Basset’s in 1918. Back then they were known as “Peace Babies”, gives you a rough idea of when they were first produced. Now they are called Jelly Babies. If you get offered them, pick the male ones, you get just that little bit extra.

Did I mention that I am looking for a Thesis Coach? I will let you have a Peace Baby.


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