One “Bob” Wounds, wounded in Folkestone, 3 minute WW1 cont.

My childhood was spent in the age of real money. Everyone knew what a Pound was, how big a shilling was, how many pennies in a shilling, and for that matter how many to a pound. I can appreciate there are those less fortunate, perhaps younger, and or live in the colonies where they did not use £sd. all I can do is shrug my shoulders. So you don’t know how big a Florin was, or what and how big a Bob was, do I care? No.

Between the 28th August 1914, and the 31st July 1919, according to the Official History of the Great War, Medical Services, 1,840 wounded soldiers, if they were pennies that would be £7, 13s and 4d, were disembarked at Folkestone. These are soldiers who needed nurses or other medical staff in attendance.

As usual the army fights the next war, with the last wars weapons, and this applied to the Royal Army Medical Corps. (RAMC). The RAMC were not prepared for the type of wounds soldiers received. Their last major war was the Boer War in South Africa. Here the main cause of wounds was the High Velocity Mauser Rifle. The wounds had an entrance hole that a bob could cover, and an exit hole a florin could cover. How large was that? Well a florin is twice the size of a one bob coin..


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