WW1 in 3 mins continued. So bizarre

“Pele breathes words of comfort
Seena just hides her eyes
Policeman taps his shades
“Is that a Chevy 69?”

How bizarre
How bizarre, how bizarre”

“How Bizarre” was written by Fuemana, Paul / Jansson, Alan Leo.

Every year Selkirk celebrates Scotland’s defeat at Flodden. The legend of the sole survivor from the town is once more told. There is a bizarre ceremony of casting the colours in the town square. Most people there are drunk or well on there way to being so. So bizarre to celebrate a defeat. It is a bit like Germany having a national party on the 8th August to commemorate the Great War. just bizarre.

On Friday I was at the wonderful ANZAC dawn ceremony at Polygon Wood. The graves at Polygon wood are laid out as though the men had died on parade and were buried where they stood. The service, for that is what it was, Not a drum head service just a strange mixture of something, cut through the centre, at right angles to the line, of the troops in their graves. An emotionally charged commemoration of the defeat at Gallipoli. Very hard to hear just exactly what was said. I was told it was about “Mateship” which cost so many their lives. “Birth of Australia” “Birth of New Zealand”, a couple of dirges were sung, Note to my Australian and Kiwi friends. If you are going to sing your national anthem, GIVE IT SOME WELLIE. Bizarrely the anthem the soldiers buried there knew was “God Save the King” but that was not played or sung. A weirdo dressed as a WW1 Tommy completed the picture. Truly wonderful and so bizarre, I look forward to next year in the Dardanelles.


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