WW1 in 3 minutes goes “Live”

Tomorrow, 28th May 2014, will see the first WW1 in 3 minutes live talk. Normally a talk and walk could take three hours depending on what people want to see, how much time they have, what the weather is like. They are tailored to individuals, all walks including this one are private. Tomorrow it is “We will go to one place, give your talk, keep it short, and we take you to the pub after”. Hopefully it will stay dry. it is not three minute Shakespeare, but it is  really all you need to know about Folkestone and WW1. No myths, no economy with the truth, no bullshit. Some arm waving, pointing, and a bit of a natter about the Air Raid, Mata Hari, Sgt McKenzie,and Flora Sands, as well as how the soldiers did get to the harbour.

4th September I give a longer talk in a bookshop about the First World War.and have been asked to recommend a few books.So if you have a book i can mention let me know


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