Kent man at Mons. WW1 in 3 minutes cont..,

Scarce heard among the guns. (Blogs about WW1)

George Brooks lived with his parents at Smugley Farm, Goudhurst, Kent. In 1914 as 20 year old, 68416 Driver G Brooks, “E” Battery, Royal Horse Artillery he became an Old Contemptible. in 1917 he was killed in action.  Sadly in a war which killed over three quarters of a million British soldiers there is nothing unusual in that. apart from Pip squeak and Wilfred he received no medals for bravery. Just an ordinary man from Kent, who like his parents was doing the best he could in difficult times. Most people will not have a clue to regarding his moment in history. ask about him and you will be met by a wall of silence. When it comes to the “We will remember them” “We” have long since forgotten him. Millions have seen his gun, it is in the Imperial War Museum. George was the driver for No.4 Gun,  “E” Battery. The…

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