More than one way to commemorate the Great War. WW1in 3 mins cont.

There is a lot of piss and bother over the commemorations this year. There is not a “Correct ” way. A lot of pomp and poppycock. If you like that sort of thing, be my guest. Enjoy it, it will be something to tell your grandchildren, “I was there.” Not for me. These stamps are from 1965, they commemorate the 50th anniversary of ANZAC day. In New Zealand the Man with the Donkey was Australia it was Simpson. The stamps are very simple and well designed. They understate the occasion and do not glorify war. There are no mass parades. No, we were more important than you. No it was really a victory. Just a plain simple commemoration. I just like them. I like to commemorate things quietly. Any other way just upsets the natives, and is simply not very British.IMG_6831 IMG_6836 IMG_6837 (2) IMG_6837 (3) IMG_6837 (4) IMG_6837 (5) IMG_6837 (6) IMG_6837


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