He crossed from Folkestone. WW1 in 3 mins cont…

265725 Corporal Andrew macDonald M.M. was born at “Tomdhu” Abernethy on the 29th February 1896. he was the second son of Alexander and jane macDonald of “Belcha” Balliewood Grantown-on-Spey. Before Andrew enlisted at Grantown-on-spey inon the 26th of september 1914 he worked as a stone Mason. He arrived in France via Folkestone on the 1st may 1915. Prior to his promotion to Corporal Andrew was a stretcher bearer. it was during this time he earned his M.M.. He was admired for both his bravery and devotion to the wounded. Andrew was one of the few remaining soldiers from the original battalion that crossed from Folkestone in 1915 when he was wounded on the 9th April 1917. He died of wounds at the 11th General service Hospital in Etaples on the 13th April 1917. Andrew was awarded the 1915 Star, the War Medal, and the Victory medal |(Pip, Squeak, and Wilfred, ) as well as the Military Medal. His brother who served inn the Ordinance Corps  survived the war.

“We little thought his time so short

When he on furlough came,

When to the front again he went

Na’er to return again

From in Memorium, Strathspey Herald, 11th April 1918.

Every year up to and include 1925 at least one new verse was published  in Memoriam.


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