It is a long way from Alberta to Lambert Road WW1 in 3 Minutes.

S/18408 Private Alexander Cumming was born at Baillieward Grantown-on-Spey on the 11th October 1883. He was the son of John and Isabella Cummings of Garth Keen, Grantown-on-Spey. Alexander first worked at the Strathspey Estate Office as an apprentice clerk, after this he worked at Lord Elgin’s Estate Office in Dunfermline. Life in Scotland did not for-full Alexander’s hopes and ambitions and like so many afore him he left for a new life in Canada. He became a rancher in Alberta. Sometime around the beginning of 1915 Alexander heeded the Empire’s call and decided to enlist in the Argyy’s. in Elgin, Scotland. not for him a simple walk to the recruiting office. For Alexander it was a three hundred mile trip on foot, then raft,  thirdly and finally by bullock wagon, just to get to the nearest railway station.  He made it across the Atlantic and scotland to Elgin in November 1915. it was here he enlisted in the Argyll’s on the 16th of November 1915. His travels were not yet over, after training he was posted to the 12th Battalion Argyll’s in Salonika.  It was there, at the 4th Canadian Hospital he died of an internal malady on Christmas Day 1916. He is buried in Salonika (Lambert Road) Military Cemetery.


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