WW1 in 3 minutes continued. A very British War

Before the war, I am told, there was a headline in the Thunderer, (The Times) which run something along the lines of “Fog in the Channel, Continent Isolated.” We Brits simply do not look at the world in the same way others do. Slowly dying of frustration in the southern coastal town I live in, i wondered how the decline in the non military cross channel sailings was viewed in the British press. How did we look upon the lost of the tourist trade to the Continent brought about by the fog of war. What exactly were the prospects for the season during 1915 for example? This is from the Strathspey Herald 15th May 1915

Prospects for the Season 

…it is , of course, exceedingly difficult at this stage to gauge with accuracy what the movements of tourists will be, everything depending largely on the line taken by the war during the next few months. Certain it is, however, that there will be fewer people travelling on the continent and the prospects are that many will tour through the homeland…

It seems every bank of fog has a silver lining.


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