Lody-it’s those damn passports in the news again.

The U.K. passport office is in the news again, yet more delays. I blame the beastly Hun. if it was not for their ghastly underhand tricks we would not be in this mess. Well I could have blamed the Americans because they didn’t help, but I would rather not. Yes it is all Lody the Hun’s fault. They should have shot him. Well actually we did, we shot him for spying at the Tower of London, No he wasn’t spying there, the Tower of London was where we shot him. Did you know more people were executed in the Tower of London during the twentieth century than in any previous century? anyway back to Lody.
Lody was a German Spy, he was caught carrying an American Passport under the name Charles A Inglis. Not a clever forgery or fake, but a real American Passport, that really did belong to Charles A. inglis. So how did Lody get hold of a genuine U.S. passport?
After the declaration of war with Russia Americans needed there passports in Germany and they needed to get an exit permit endorsed to leave Germany. Charles A Inglis’s passport was duly given to the German Foreign Ministry in Berlin. From whence it disappeared. inquiries were made. All the German Foreign Office would say was it had been collected by someone from the U.S Embassy. The Americans had not collected the passport, the Imperial German Navy did though. They gave it to Lody.
Lody was in the German Navy reserve. Not fit enough to rejoin Lody was recruited as a spy. Did he look like Charles Inglis? No, not at all. In 1914 a photograph was not required on a passport. Lody could pass for an American, accounts from the time recall he spoke like an American. so on the 27th August when he checked in at the North British Hotel in Edinburgh no one doubted for a minute that he was not who he claimed. Thanks to a telegram sent by Lody to Adolf Burchard of Stockholm, British Intelligence were soon onto him. Burchard was suspected of being involved with espionage and communications with him were monitored. The Intelligence Services finally caught up with Lody in Ireland, and by the end of October 1914 he was on trial for espionage in London. On the 6th November 1914 Carl Lody shock hands with the Assistant Provost Marshal at the Tower of London. Soon after he was strapped to a chair and shot by a firing squad made up of guardsmen.
As a result of the ease in which Lody entered Britain, on just a standard ordinary passport. Britain decided that all passports must now have a photograph of the holder on them. the US were the first to follow suit in 1917.


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