#FWW #IWW In 3 Minutes Cont…. Me and the Elephant #INDIA

I remember the day we had nothing to do
So we went down to the city zoo
Just to kill an hour or two
Out in the good sunshine

We had so much fun
We were glad that we came
Feed all the animals
And gave each a name
Didn’t even mind when it started to rain
We had a real good time

Now that its over and your far away
I miss you more with each passin day
And all my friends sympathize and say
You’ll for get in time
Yes you will
Give yourself a little time

But it’s already been over a year
Just in case you interested
You might like to hear
How everyone is doing down at the city zoo with out you
Well the monkey forgot you
The hippo forgot you
And so did the kangaroo
But me and the elephant
We still remember you
Me and the elephant will never forget you

Well I called down an old friend
Trusted and true
Sought his advice as to what I should do
He said everything that reminds me of you
Would all have to go
So I burned all of your pictures
Except two or three
The one by my bed
And the one on my TV
And the one that I always carry with me everywhere I go

And today was so nice
And since I was in town
I thought I’d take the opportunity to go down
And see how everyone is down at the city zoo
And what’s new
Well the rhino forgot you
The zebra forgot you
The polar bear and the tiger too
But me and the elephant we still remember you
Me and the elephant will never forget you

from Charlie Landsborough – Me And The Elephant Lyrics | MetroLyrics

We have not forgotten the Animals, thanks to the popularity of Spielberg’s film Bore Horse. There is a war memorial to horses at St Jude on the hill, Hampstead, “Most obediently and often they died-faithful unto death.” People became rich selling horses to the army. They are in thousands of photographs, hauling Artillery, Generals and cavalry. monuments with horses on them, Statues, one of Haig’s on his his in Edinburgh Castle springs to mind. Yet off hand I can not think of where one is buried. Dogs slightly different, they are smaller and rarely hauled generals about. They did pull machine guns, carry messages and work as ratters. H.M.S Iron Duk’s mascot was a bulldog called “Peggy” “Rags” the mascot of a Lancashire battalion landed at V Beach Gallipoli I have heard that Hitler’s dog in the Great War was British deserter. Rin Tin Tin was a German war veteran though, born at Metz. Rin Tin Tin, did not desert the Germans though, they abandoned him. More than one or two Great war dogs were stuffed and as such still survive to this day. Some from the great war may be buried in the dogs cemetery at Edinburgh Castle. Donkeys, now what would Australia have to say about Gallipoli if there was no Kirkpatrick and his Donkey Murphy? Murphy deserved his V.C, as did all the other donkeys. One donkey was born in the trenches, “Jimmy” who became the mascot of 1st Battalion Scottish Rifles (Cameronians) was born in the trenches in 1916. After the war he became the mascot of the Peterborough branch of the R.S.P.C.A Don’t think any donkeys were buried though. Pigeons, the remains of one was recently found in an old chimney. They served everywhere on the Western Front. I wonder if the one they found in the chimney was buried. no doubt all disposed of, some eaten. No graves for pigeons. So they have all gone, all gone to be buried or rendered down, their bones long decayed, turned into bone meal, or turned into best tea cups. Only me and the elephant now remain. Elephants were used throughout the war. Traditionally heavy haulage and war animals in places like India, their role of heavy haulage animals continued. Indian Army units in the Egyptian Expeditionary Force used them to pull guns and haul heavy carriages during the Palestinian campaign in 1917.. In the UK many were acquired from circuses and used for haulage and in the timber industry. Some such as Lizzie in Sheffield became famous. So what happened to the dead elephants? They were buried, and we know where some of them were buried. So while you can not lay a wreath on the graves of many Great War animals. Take a trip to Cathpair and lay a wreath on the grave of an elephant at the Elephants’s Graveyard, because me and the elephant never forgot you.


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