I have been offered the chance to study for an MA if I can get Funding.

Scarce heard among the guns. (Blogs about WW1)


First donations over the course fees will be spent on books

At the end of the course I will donate a collection of relics, including the Vickers, to a museum in Folkestone

MA in the History of Britain in the First World War
Recommended preliminary reading
* denotes particularly useful texts
NB: You are not expected to have read everything on this list by the time the course starts!
General texts
J.M. Bourne, Britain and the First World War (1989)*
Cyril Falls, The First World War (1960)
Adrian Gregory, A War of Peoples (2014)
John Horne, A Companion to World War I (Chichester, Wiley-Blackwell, 2012)*
Michael Howard, The First World War (2002)
Lawrence Sondhaus, World War One: The Global Revolution ( 2011)
Gary Sheffield, Forgotten Victory (2001 – e-book August 2014)*
David Stevenson, 1914-18 (2004)*
Hew Strachan (ed.), The Oxford Illustrated History of the First world War, new…

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One thought on “I have been offered the chance to study for an MA if I can get Funding.

  1. Ste Lingard

    I completed that MA in 2008 and recommend it heartily. The course staff are first class. My research and writing skills improved a lot and my knowledge of the subject went up several levels. Do it if you can. Good luck! Ste.



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