IWW 3mins Folkestone.”How could you believe when you don’t know my name?”

“I’ve been travelling on this road
I get the feeling its getting on
I keep moving on
I keep rolling on
But does anybody know my name

Travelling oh so long
I get the feeling thats something’s wrong
I keep rolling on
I keep rolling on
But does anybody know my name.

How could you believe when you don’t know my name?”
Dave Davis(The Kinks)

Love the Kinks they are the quintessential English band. i have been putting together the last bits of my talk that I am giving tomorrow, 4 Sept 2014. it is billed as “Local Historian …. Folkestone’s Role…,” I am not a “Local Historian, or is the talk literally on Folkestone’s Role, but he posters and flyers were all printed and some were posted before I even saw them. Still the talk is for charity and I hope people will be forgiving. currently there are four IWW displays up in Folkestone. The permanent boards at the arch, the thing by the Army Museum in the Guildhall, a local history combined Folkestone in the Great War Exhibit in the Library, and a display in the cafe down at the harbour so it really doesn’t need me to add a fifth. However I will mention Folkestone as many times as possible. What i will also mention is the contribution made by Folkestone’s ferries to the smashing of the Hindenburg line in September 1918. It is an event not mentioned elsewhere in Folkestone. I will also be naming names, wars are fought by people and we can get carried away by numbers. obviously a short talk can not go into much detail, but will be mentioning Sandes, Sassoon, AA Milne, the usual people we have come to know and love. Of course the one person I want to mention is the Ukrainian who won the VC. lets face it How could you believe, if I don’t know his name?

(It’s… well lets hope I can remember tomorrow night)

Support research in Folkestone, and a planed small museum at http://www.gofundme.com/dm8nes)


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