Messages from the Dead.

Scarce heard among the guns. (Blogs about WW1)

We have pushed the Great War out of the way. We have forgotten. sure we take a trip, some of us more that one. We go to Tyne Cot, bow our heads, perhaps say a prayer or two. Shed a tear or two. Pile on the bus and go to Langemark. “Voss is buried there”, someone says, “so are two of our chaps” says another. “You would have thought they would have buried them in one of our cemeteries” “Did you know Hitler said Germany owes the Jewish soldiers buried here a debt of gratitude?” said by yet another. Then perhaps another Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery, to see one of the youngest, “So young”, plus a few VC winners chucked in for good measure. does anyone apart from me place a poppy on other graves? I sometimes wonder. our duty done, we have paid our respects, time to head…

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