Question: What do you give the empire that has everything for Christmas?

Answer: Jerusalem.

The Balfour Declaration to Jerusalem Some key and some minor points on the way up to Allenby’s entry into the city.

On the 2nd November 1917 In a letter to Baron Rothschild Balfour declares Britain’s intention to allow a Jewish Homeland in Palestine
The proposal that if the Allies won the war Palestine would be designated as a national home for the Jewish People. Edward Montagu, the only Jew in the British Cabinet, opposed the measure. The Balfour declaration was a move by Britain to insure Palestine was not going to be divided up but was to remain under British control after the war.

3 November 1917
The Welsh Division moves north to take up positions five miles from Beersheba. The Welsh are to be the flank guard for the attack on Tel esh-Sheria.

6 November 1917
The Kauwukah system of trenches is taken.
Captain John Fox Russell VC MC is killed in action. He was awarded his VC posthumously. John Russell VC MC was the only RAMC Vc. of the Palestine campaign he is buried at Beersheba.

7 November 1917
Gaza is taken. The Desert Mounted Corps Headquarters is now at Tel esh Sheria.
The 10th Irish Division attack the Hureyra Redoubt.

8 November 1917
Yeomanry attack at Huj. The Desert Mounted Corps Headquarters is now at Khurbet Muntaret.

9 November 1917
The Balfour declaration of the 2nd Nov is published in the Times.

10 November 1917
The Desert Mounted Corps Headquarters is now at Hill 331.

13 November 1917 
Action at El Mughar
The 22 Mounted Brigade and the 6 Mounted brigade, are known to have taken part.
Cavalry charge by the Buckinghamshire Yeomanry. (Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars). Major Evelyn de Rothschild, the son of Baron Rothschild, is killed.

14 November 1917
The Desert Mounted Corps Headquarters is now at Yebna.

15 November 1917
Action at Abu Shushe,

16 November 1917
The Egyptian Expeditionary Force, (British army). occupy Jaffa. It was captured by General Chauvel’s New Zealanders. The Desert Mounted Corps Headquarters is now at Khurbet Deiran.
Abu Shushe Ridge cleared of Turks.

20 November 1917
Beit Duqqu falls to the Highland Light Infantry.
The Somerset Light infantry and the Wiltshire Regiment take Khirbet el-Inab.
The British 75th Division is down to Iron Rations after advancing for two days without being resupplied with food.

21 November 1917
The Battle of Nabi-Samweil, About 10 miles North West of Jerusalem is fought by the 75th Division.
The Foreign Office sent the proclamation Allenby was to make after entering Jerusalem to Allenby

28 November 1917
The British Railway from Egypt had now reached Gaza. It was now slightly easier to resupply the EEF’s frontline troops.

3 December 1917
General Chetwode explains his plan to capture Jerusalem to other commanders at a meeting held at Qaret el-Inab

7 December 1917
Corporal C.W. Train wins a V.C when he knocks out a Turkish Machine Gun post at Ein Kerem, which had been holding up his battalion’s advance.

9 December 1917
Turks surrender Jerusalem. For the nine months the front line will be only 12 miles from the heart of the city.

11 December 1917
Allenby made his official entrance to Jerusalem at noon.
Georges Picot wants a civilian administration with French involvement in the administration, set up in the city. Allenby states it is a military area under British military rule.
Another part of the globe is now Imperial Red.


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