Harry Potter is Dead

In a previous life I was a diplomat. I knew how to be diplomatic. This lifetime i have all the diplomatic skills of a bulldozer. So sorry if you have young kids, but you really do need to know. Harry Potter is dead. Pop his socks, polygon west, deceased kicked the bucket. Lord Voldemort I have no doubt is pleased, Hermione Jean Granger, and Ronald Bilius “Ron” Weasley, will be gutted. Dumbledore will also be a bit upset. the young children in your family will also be upset at the news.

You were expecting a love story this close to Valantine’s day? OK just for you  Sometime prior to the outbreak of the Great war David William Smith left his home near Grantown on Spey and said his farewells to his parents, David and Herriet Smith. The young David Smith was bound for Australia. He was looking for a better life in the colonies. In Australia David found what we all look for. He found the love of his life Florence. Married just a year before David enlisted, they settled down to life working for a Mr CJ Larson on Exeter Farm, Liverpool in New South Wales. Life was blissful and David enlisted for home service only on the 8th August 1916. Sadly the only thing that is certain in life is death. David died only three weeks later of pneumonia at Rutherford Field Hospital, age 23. Fortunately, some would say, he had found the love of his life who no doubt would remember him until the day she died.

Florence however, had also met the life of her life. Florence had met and married C. J. Larson, of Exeter Farm, Liverpool New South Wales. The couple continued to life at Exeter Farm. David’s Memorial Scroll and Plaque were sent to Florence Smith c/o C.J. Larson, Exeter Farm, Liverpool, New South Wales, they were returned marked “Unknown at this address”

David is commemorated on both the Abernethy and Grantown on Spey War Memorials in Scotland.

Harry Potter, wounded in action at Polygon Wood, died at Lijssenthoek about a week later on the 5th October 1917. You can dry your kids eyes now.


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