#FWW #WW1 Cpl 90142 E. A. Carmichael’s Testicle

Hitler has only got one ball,

Göring has two but very small,

Himmler has something similar,

But poor old Goebbels has no balls at all.

Much research has been done over the years on the above ditty. Variations have been song. There importance often debated. This is not a blog about the balls of Germans however. Nor will Australian new Zealand, Canada or any other countries bollocks apart from a single British one. be discussed. It is time however to put at least one British testicle up there with the best of them. One pace forward Corporal 90142 Edward Arnold Carmichael, your King and Empire need you.

So what is known about Edward Carmichael? Sadly not a lot is known about his experiences in the Great War. He volunteered with Henry Wade (1) There is his entry in the University of Edinburgh Roll of Honour 1914 1919, “Edinburgh Academy. Student of Medicine, 1912-14 and 1917-19. OTC Medical, April 1918 to January 1919, Cadet L/Corporal. RAMC (Territorial Force), Private September 1914. Scottish Horse Brigade Field Ambulance.”(2) So no eye watering or covering the genitals, if you are male, moment there. His testicle moment came after the war.

After Carmichael continued his career in Medicine. When he died in 1978 at the age of 81 he was,  E. A. Carmichael   CBE, DSC, MB, CHB, FRCP, FRCPED,  A consulting physician, and former director of the Medical Research Council’s neurological research unit,(3)

A highly intelligent man, he left Edinburgh with a gold medal(3) in the early 1920s. It was in 1933 he decided to do a little practical research into refered pain. (4) Yes, the time your eyes water and you cover your groin is fast approaching. Enlisting the help of a colleague, Herbert Woollard. To be fair it is not known who did what to whom. Although they did repeat the experiment a number of times to check the result. It is reasonable to  feel they both swapped roles, and testicles.

One would lay spread eagled on a table with his genitles exposed. The other would ease the exposed scrotum down and place weights on one of the testicles. It should be noted this is an experiment in referred pain. So those males reading this will be able to tell you where that pain is. It is ok to curl up and let your eyes water, it is just an indication of where the pain is referred to. It is not known who wrote the notes. They were published jointly in the “Brain”

This is from Observations of the Right Testicle as published in the “Brain” and reproduced in www.madsciencemuseum.com (4)


Possible some of the results could have been taken for granted. As yet no other countries Doctors have repeated these experiments. No idea why. It is time a brave British, Great War soldier’s right testicle was better known and given the recognition it deserves.

(1) P116, Surgeon, Scientist, Soldier,.by Dugald Gardner

(2) Thanks to Chris Baker on Face book for finding that for me

(3)Obituary BMJ 25 February 1978

(4) http://www.madsciencemuseum.com/msm/pl/sensitive_testes


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