#FWW #WW1 The War Sanitisation Corps

War Sanitisation Corps are lost to history. They were at the scenes of all the major battles of the Great War and the vast majority if not all of the minor ones. They kept no records, they do not see that as their role. They are still around today. There are many members on Facebook and Twitter. Still tidying up the battlefields. Making it all visually safe so as not to offend modern sensibilities. All sorts of pleasantries would break out otherwise. people would be shocked and outraged if they saw the dead. Can you imagine the scene, people demanding the killing must stop. Governments actually being forced to  stop wars and end the arms trade. Thankfully the War Sanitisation Corps are there to prevent this. Nice shiny weapons, neat uniforms. clean trenches, push button displays all spotless, not going to offend anyone,but for God’s sake don’t show the dead. We no longer are connected with events.

All though is not lost, there has been times when the War Sanitisation Corps have been defeated. Over forty years ago, J Bronowski in the BBC series The Ascent of Man, crouched down at a pond in Auschwitz. The pond was where the ashes from the crematorium at Auschwitz were dumped. The remains of the dead were tipped where Bronowaski was crouched. A million people turned into ash. A million people lay at the bottom of the pond. Bronowski scoped up a handful of the muddy ash of those people, all that remained of a million men women and children. A million people’s remains flowed in a muddy slime through Bronowski’s fingers. They were seen, a million dead, everyone a name not a number. The full horror right in front of our eyes. Exactly how far man had ascended since we crawled out of the primeval slime. to quote Bronowski, “We have to close the distance between the push-button order and the human act. We have to touch people.”

We should be offended by war, not the sight of a skeleton the sanitisation corps want to bury.


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