IWW Folkestone The Forgotten Adoption 9th August 1918

Scarce heard among the guns. (Blogs about WW1)

Prior to the Battle of the Somme the 20th Battalion Manchester Regiment moved out of Morlancourt towards Fricourt, along the road now named after them. They had been billeted along part of the road since January 1916 the Manchesters attacked Fricourt on the 1st July 1916. During the battle of the Somme, in 1916, Morlancourt was relatively quiet. Field Ambulances were based there. Field Ambulances were part of the casualty evacuation chain and were based behind divisional lines. In 1918 during the Kaiser Battles, the last German offensive, part of the area near and around the village, as well as Morlancourt itself, was capture by the Germans. On the 28th March 1918 the Australians were ordered to attack towards the village. The assault was undertaken by units of the 3rd Australian Division. They were the 41st and 44th Battalions from the 11th Brigade. Near Sailly-Laurette they were ambushed and lost…

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