War Memorials #FWW #WWI #WW1

“The graves of our dead encircle the globeI” KG V

and so do War Memorials. Some are impressive monuments. Vimy, and Theipval spring to mind. I was ten when I first visited Theipval, sixty the last time. Hopefully sixty-one the next time. I have visited quite a few other war memorials over the years too. In places such as Berlin, London, Moscow, Penang, Washington. Visited Cemeteries all over the globe. One in Indonesia, the groundsman opened just for me to see. It was on a Friday and normally closed.  So in a sense, I have seen them all. The monuments of the victorious, the defeated, the exhausted, the glorious,  monuments of victory and defeat. Some make me sad, some impress, some I just think, “What the heck were they thinking of”.  Is there a “Must See” memorial? Just one you must see? Depends on what and why you want to see “Just one”. some people like to see a list of names so that they can say “We remember them” Although five minutes later they would be hard pushed to recall a single name. Some people like to see amazing bits of sculpture. symbols of trumph, scenes of glory.

It is possible to compile lists of them all and add in the weird and the bizarre. I like to keep things simple, though, so this is my one “Must see”. It is in London very easy to get to if you are ever in the city. A couple of minutes walk from Euston Station along Eversholt Street. It stands outside St Marys Church. 14563423_10209403723961476_2172837435979633746_n-1

A simple memorial, not trying to impress anyone. In the heart of one of the world’s busiest cities, it is possible to stand there in front of it completely alone with your thoughts.


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