IWW 3 minutes War Memorials, not all were heroes.

Scarce heard among the guns. (Blogs about WW1)

These blogs are called IWW in 3 minutes because they are short, sometimes it is WW1 in 3 minutes. You are free to worry about this if you wish. I and Alfred E. Neuman have much the same attitude. You may worry, but it really is not going to change a thing.

What is this blog about? Oh War Memorials, they are everywhere and breeding. People get a bit het up about them. Some people do not understand what was so Great, about the Great War- it was very big folks, a great as in large.

I am grateful to W. C. Sellar, and R. J. Yeatman, for pointing out that all history came to an end in 1918. Sometimes this war does my head in.

War Memorials, there seems to be confusion over why there are more names on a Roll of Honour, than on the Memorial Roll, basically…

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