#FWW WW1 #Folkestone One day in November 1915 the day the SS Lusitania sank.

Scarce heard among the guns. (Blogs about WW1)

The day was pretty much like any other down at the harbour in Folkestone, troops were disembarking from trains and embarking onto the troop ships. some travelling as individuals or in very small groups were lucky enough to grab a cuppa from the cafe. (1) A normal everyday scene in a busy wartime military port. The sort of nothing really happens here and they are are just ordinary soldiers. In a hundred years time they will be just forgotten sepia photographs in a war everyone will claim to never have forgotten but can no longer remember what happened. So what made this day, the 17th November 1915 different?

Two ships were sunk a mile or so from  Folkestone harbour. One, HMHS Anglia is well known. at least 164 people died (2)

The other was the Lusitania. The Lusitania was a British collier of 1834 tonnes on its way to Cadiz carrying general…

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