Australians and New Zealanders buried at Shorncliffe. #Shorncliffe #Folkestone #FWW #WWI

The 25th April is the day Australia, New Zealand, as well as a few small Pacific Nations, commemorate their war dead. Originally the day was set aside to remember the dead of the ANZAC at Gallipoli but has since been expanded to include all Australian and New Zealand war dead. At cemeteries in countries where Australian and New Zealanders service personnel are buried, there are Dawn Services. I’m not sure if there has ever been a Dawn Service on ANZAC day at Shorncliffe.  Here are the 11 Australians listed by the Australian War Memorial as being buried at Shorncliffe, plus the three men on the New Zealand War Graves Register also interned at the Military Cemetery Shorncliffe.

Carl Christian Andersen, born in Holstebro in Denmark, a naturalised Australian. Enlisted on the 17th January 1915. Wounded in action in France on the 19th July 1916. Gun Shot wound fractured arm and a leg. He died from his wounds on the 31st July 1916. Buried in Grave Number “O” 429.IMG_8408

John James Forrest-Dunlop. Born in Sydney, Australia. Based at Sandling. Husband to Violet of East Rand, Transvaal. South Africa. Died from Pneumonia. Buried in N 673.IMG_8404

Edward Thomas Froud, born in London. Wounded in action in France on the 27th July 1917. A gunshot wound to his back and buttock. His relatives ( two brothers and a sister) were with him when he died. Died of wounds at York House Hospital in Folkestone. Buried in Grave N 576IMG_8406

William Burns Gemmell, wounded in action on the 11th October 1917.Committed suicide by cutting his throat at No.3 Rest Camp, on the leas, Folkestone. 17th April 1917. Buried in Grave N664.IMG_8402

Cecil Edwin Howard, Also known as C Paling. Born “Near London”, his mother lived in Tottenham. Wounded in action in France. A Gun Shot wound to Right foot and left leg amputated. Died from wounds at Manor Court Hospital Folkestone. Buried in Grave P443.IMG_8413

George Melbourne. Wounded in action, gunshot to shoulders and a knee, In France sometime around the 7-9th June 1917. Died of wounds at Manor House (court) Hospital in Folkestone.IMG_8399

John Richardson Poole, wounded in action in France on the 12th October 1916. Died from wounds at the Garrison Hospital on the 5th November 1916. Buried in grave O 465.IMG_8400

Edward Robinson, the son of Henry and Agnes Robinson before enlisting he was a farm labourer. Wounded in action in France, died at Shorncliffe, buried in grave N668.IMG_8403.JPG

Geoffrey Campbell Scarr, From Killara Sydney.  Scarr first enlisted into the British Indian Army before transferring to the Royal Flying Corps. In February he became an instructor of aerial gunnery at New Romney. Flying in a group of fire aeroplanes his plane stalled while attempting a forced landing and crashed on Folkestone Golf Course. Died of shock at the Garrison Hospital at 6:45 pm.IMG_8396

Albert Edward William Ward. Born in Tasmania, died of pneumonia at the Garrison Hospital, buried grave R 732.IMG_8411

Robert William Williams. Served at Gallipoli. Died of Phthisis (pulmonary tuberculosis or a similar progressive wasting disease.) at the Garrison Hospital. Buried in P447IMG_8414

The three men on the New Zealand War Graves Project Register are:

Henry Stokes Richards. 1st Observers School of Aerial Gunnery.  A New Zealand Rhodes Scholar, the third to die. Served on the Somme, wounded at Thiepval in September 1916. Killed in a mid air collision. He was piloting a Bristol Fighter (C4798) and along with Flt Cadet George Finney were killed in the collision. Also involved in the collision was another Bristol Fighter (A7262) Lt John Samuel Morbey and Sgt Frank Thomas Hoskins, Both Killed. Richards is buried in M660. Also commemorated at Bromley Cemetery in Christchurch New Zealand.


Peter Joseph Gorman, born in New Zealand.. Died of shock after being run over by a Motor Bus on the 4th July.IMG_8416

Robert Livesey, lived at 6 Edinburgh Street, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand. Killed in a bombing (Grenade) accident.IMG_8409

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