Odd notes about #Shorncliffe

Added the names of Americans, and a few names of Soldiers who died at Shorncliffe Pre, Post, and during the #FWW

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Odd mutterings really but…

Or perhaps odds and sods about Shorncliffe. In no real order, but before they get lost in the rest of the collection.

This post will be added to from time to time.

July 1792, the Bedfordshire Militia leave Shorncliffe.

1802, The Rifle Corps, (95th) arrived at Shorncliffe.

1803. Redoubt abandon/construction ended? Sir John Moore arrives at Shorncliffe. Moore was at the siege of Saint-Florent and it was under his leadership the tower at Mortella Point was taken.

The training of which was based on a book by Major General Barron de Rottenburg, Regulations for the exercise of Riflemen and Light Infantry

1809, the 42nd of Foot (Black Watch) After the Battle of Corunna the regiment returned to England and were based at Shorncliffe for a few months.

1827, 31st Foot (Huntingdonshire Regiment)

1863, The 19th Hussars, 5th Foot (Northumberland Fusiliers), 9th Brigade Royal Artillery, 23rd Company…

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