Update on research. #Folkestone #FWW

The Singapore Mutiny/revolt in Kelantan the birth of British Counter-Insurgency has ground to a halt.  The reason, A) not sure where to find documents.

B) No idea what documents

C)    Cost. Don’t have the means to take a gamble.

Embarkations from Folkestone

Surprised at the number of Americans who embarked at Folkestone before America entered the War. They served in Australian, British, as well as Canadian Units.

Surprised an Indian Army unit embarked at Folkestone.

Surprised that Germans embarked at Folkestone.

Have found the dates a few units crossed by looking at Army Forms B103 that I could not find anywhere else.

Amazed that Winston, Tull and Sassoon were all at the harbour on the same day.

Find a few Units I did not know existed, The Army Gym Staff,  to name but one.

Need to find out why there are more than a few days where I can find no trace of embarkations.

Surprised that Ramsgate was also a port from which soldiers embarked for France. As was Dover, Avonmouth, Southampton and other places.

Would like to find out the weather on days where they appear to have been no embarkations.

Get a hold of a Govt/military Canadian Document on Embarkations from Folkestone.

Find a few more Diaries, War and Personal.

Why? because I’m curious and enjoy it.


A) The Folk, Myths, Duff, False, and Bad History of the First World War History that floats about Folkestone.

B) Costs. Mind you I did earn £150 last year. Up £150 pounds on the previous year.

C) Prolonged Depression.


More next week.


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