21st November 1915 Nature’s Peace.

Just a few of the men from the Royal Warwicks (Birmingham Pals) who embarked from Folkestone on the 21st November 1915
“ “ La paix de la grand nature”
We are taught labouriously to make sorrows for one another and to tear up and harass the earth, but after a single spring, the traces of the past are overwhelmed by a riot of growth “which Labours not,” and in their place spring up the poppies of oblivion. The trenches which in February were grim and featureless tunnels of gloom, without colour or form are already over arched and embowered with green. You may walk from the ruins of a cottage, half-hidden in springing green, and up the Front line trenches through a labyrinth of Devonshire lanes. Before the summer comes again children will play between the trenches as in a garden, hide in strange hollows where old fragments of iron peep out from a wilderness of poppies and corn-flowers. Even the shapeless ruins, where for the moment we are living, you may look up and see a swift dart from a cranny; and all is well…”
(Second Lieutenant Stephen Hewett)
Although it is not known if Second Lieutenant Stephen Hewett crossed to France with the 14th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Hewett did was serving with them, when he was killed in action on the 22nd July 1916. Second Lieutenant Stephen Hewett has no known grave and is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme.

Company Sargeant Major 14/1052 William Black, 14th Battalion (1st Birmingham Pals) The Royal Warwickshire Regiment. William first enlisted in 1892 and served for 21 years. He re-enlisted on the 25th of September 1914. Suffered from an Inguinal Hernia from the end of April to the first middle of May 1916. Admitted to 45 Casualty Clearance Station 29th August with Myalgia. Invalided back to England on the Hospital Ship St Patrick on the 31st. Transferred to the 2/1st Queens Own Worcester Hussars 30th September 1918. His new Regimental Number is 68299. Demobilised in February 1919.

Private 14/1014 Maxwell Arrowsmith Weston, 14th Battalion (1st Birmingham Pals) The Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Wounded in Action 29th July 1916.

Private 16/1223 Samuel Adams, 16th Battalion (3rd Birmingham Pals) The Royal Warwickshire Regiment, crossed with the Battalion. Samuel survived the war but was wounded in 1917 and discharged as no longer being physically fit for war service in April 1918.

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