Shorncliffe 19th and 20th

A quick review

Over the 7 tours

The 3 VC holders were mentioned as were

The two 14 year boy soldier and the 16 year old boy soldier

the unknown soldier buried there

The Spitfire, Hurricane, and Halifax pilots

The U boat crew and the German legion grave

Australian, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, South African graves

The Battle Damage on some of the graves

The Victorian Novelist

The soldiers who died in a minefield

Blown up in a demonstration of how an anti tank grenade functions.

The Gurkha

The Soldier killed in Northern Ireland

The little girl girl killed in WW2

The American soldier who was buried there

The Belgian buried there

The French who were also buried there

The oldest Memorials

The wooden Victorian Grave marker

The direction of Graves and the possibility two that might not face East

Why some of the cemetery is pristine the rest you could use as a training ground for jungle warfare

The Malayan Emergency

The two pilots that collided in mid air.

The Visit of the Royal Canadian Air Force

Debunked the “They marched down the Road of Remembrance” myth perpetuated by Step Short. (American Army Units did, Canadian Units did not)

Where soldiers stood and remembered on the Road of remembrance -its still there.

The oldest memorials

Neremiah Curnock

and the question was posed “Is there something in the soil of cemeteries that makes the blackberries taste so good?

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