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You don’t have to be called Alfie to read it,

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  1. Diane Davies

    Hi, I’m not an Alfie but taking your invitation! I have discovered that my maternal grandfather was transferred to the 317 labour corps when he was found to be physically unfit for the regular army. I don’t think he even made it to join his chosen regiment, the Sherwood Foresters! How can I find out what the 317 did 1917 onwards. He survived the war.


    1. flanders1914 Post author

      Researching the Labour Corps is difficult. They were not required to keep war diaries. Could you send me your Maternal Grandfathers name please.,his service record may survive. and I will see what I can do.


      1. Diane Davies

        Hi, thanks for your kind offer of help! My grandfather, Arthur Arnold Waring was born 4 April 1899. I have down loaded his records, such as they have them based on pension claim records, from findmypast. He was physically poor with very severe short sight, which I have inherited through my mother. He was moved from the Foresters to another regiment, then the Durham light infantry, then the “Labour Battalion” all during his initial enlistment. He didn’t even get to start the first two, as far as I can tell. His service number was first 84913, but in the Labour Battalion it was 195395. I think the number of the battalion is partially obscured and may not be 317 as findmypast records it, but 337 or even 357. Home service works company. I hope you can let me know if you can find out what this battalion was doing from 1917 to disbanding. I am happy to share my email with you if I can give you any other information. dianedavies16@gmail.com


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