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W Moss, Every Tombstone Tells a Story. #FWW #Folkestone.

I like talking to the dead, they don’t answer back. I like stories about the dead from the First War War. Sure I like the stock in trade stories of bravery, the tales of valour. The glory as well as the sadness of it all. Some story tellers can make it so real you are there. Close your eyes and be with them. Listen and you can hear about their lives and feel their fears. Every tombstone tells a story.

The Under age boy soldiers their story is there. The Women who died. Their story is there. The Canadians, the Americans, the Germans, the Unknowns also have their stories there all you have to do is listen and see with your eyes closed. Run your hands over the names of the missing feel the stories in the walls. It’s wonderful the soil is enriched with their tales. I love going to these places. Every tombstone tells a story.

At your local cemetery go read them, they are here too. Read the stories on the graves. Take part in the CWCG Living Memories project it is a wonderful excuse to find out another cracking story. It is an event happening in a cemetery near you. Every tombstone has a story.

So you live in the colonies and  the CWCG doesn’t have a Living Memories project near you. Do it anyway, Every…

W Moss, nearly forgot, W. Moss one of the least, we forget them. People like old Moss make us uncomfortable. We want them to go away, not be there. We fidget shuffle away.  The others we can tell there story. Its carved in stone in front of us. We can wave our arms and point to the mass-graves. The endless rows of war graves, stand quietly for two minutes as a mark of respect, or because everyone else is doing it.  Dwell on the reality of war. But it is not there, that is not the reality of war. W. Moss is.

Others you can tell their story. Were they heroes or villains. What they did before the war. But not W. Moss.

W. Moss, might have just about been able to smile. He could grip your finger or hair. slept a lot. That’s about it.

Walter Moss 2 months old. Killed by a bomb which fell on Tontine Street, Folkestone, 25th May 1917. Buried with his mother in “C New Ground. St Martins Church, Cheriton, Kent.

Their grave is unmarked, every tombstone tells a story, as does every unmarked grave.

Still makes me cry.






Merry Christmas

No new blog this week do to events outwith my control, ie Christmas/New Year

I will be researching cholera in Sinai during 1916, the invasion of Palestine in 1917, and the Chinese contribution to the First World War.

Cholera in Sinai because both General Murry and Allenby had to fight two wars, one with men the other with medicine.

The invasion of Palestine, a long running exercise, I now have the two books Allenby used to plan the invasion.

The Chinese contribution, because I promised someone I would. The first First World War site I can remember visiting was Outram Road in Singapore. The Chinese contribution to the First World War is often just ignored, not forgotten, ignored. Sometimes things in front of our eyes are. If you have the time over the holidays visit the Imperial War Museum, it is closed 24th-26 inclusive but open other days. Have a look at the First World War exhibits. You will see something that the Chinese gave to the British Army nearly a hundred years ago. They are still used by the British Army today. I doubt if the vast majority of visitors to the museum know what “they” are, but most visitors will look at “them”.

My better half is working both Christmas and boxing day, so hopefully I will have the time.

Have a Merry, Happy, Peaceful Christmas, and may your God, gods, or source of inspiration, peace and love, be with you.

IWW, WW1 will be continued, but not today.

From tonight 9 September 2014 I will be offline for a fortnight. For those who are not sure what a fortnight is, I am sorry your country decided to leave the Empire when they did, and/or, I am sorry your country did not join the Empire. After all we are so much better together. Which brings me to the reason for my being offline for the next two weeks. I am tied of it and need a break. If you can vote do.

Plenty of research to keep me busy. It is time I wrote something on those deservedly shot at dawn, (SAD). Time to study a bit for an MA/PHd, Book, or just because I enjoy it. Time for me. My research has always been free, i have found lost war graves, researched family histories, forgotten soldiers, and a probable mass grave of German IWW soldiers. Invited to a conference for post graduates. Is it only me who can see the irony here? I need a rest.

Iolaire, SAD, Richborough, Folkestone, and German War Guilt, can all wait-Look upon it as an early Christmas Truce.

Funeral on Monday 4th August 2014, blog will resume after.

It is with much regret I have to announce Truth has passed away. Despite many attempts to resurrect her, Truth passed away with barely a whimper. Truth had been ill for most of her life. A particularly bad bout of illness in the years 1914-1918 heralded her final demise. Her funeral will take place on Monday 4th August 2014. It will take place in your town. You are all invited to attend. Local and National Assholes will be in full attendance. Please bring tea and sandwiches as it will be a long service. There will be an interlude on the 1st July 2016 for the wringing of hands and the collection of crocodile tears from the self righteous. During this time more refreshments will be available from Bloodshit and Poppycock, purveyors of the finest bullshit available. Mourners will be invited to recall Myth, Half Truth, and Lies, who all knew Truth very well. The service will be televised, in your local papers and all over the internet.


IWW in 3 mins continued. Numbers are people 2.

“What makes heroic strife famed afar, famed afar

What makes heroic strife famed afar

What makes heroic strife, to whet the assassin’s knife

And haunt a parent’s life wi bloody waur, bloody waur

And haunt a parent’s life wi bloody waur ” Robert Burns, (from Ye Jacobites by Name.)

20,000 died 010716. 60,000 did not. 40,000 was wounded, so was 3000. 800,000 died, poor sod. 7 who came from our town died, 299 from your place died. 3 from 5, and 12 came back. 1 from Law joined the RFA. 10 from school, 6 from the brickworks died, his Mum was a bit upset. 14 said he was 18. 305 was shot in the early morning. 1 in the afternoon, 1 got about a bit, he also went over the top, and was black.(What do you think of that?) 20 joined from our street. 100,000 in K1. 10,000,000 passed through here. 6.9 caught the train. 10,000 walked this way. 11.8. or was it 26.4 walked up to Arras with rifle and pack, but their number 1 did for them both by his plan of attack. You were his only 1, (of 2, often forgot) but I was his 1 from 300,000. 8.4 million other rank. 14, off the Dardanelles, 14 on the Somme, 15 at Spoilbank, 16 at Essex Farm.

Yes, its numeric garbage, Waur is bloody and brutalising, people die, people are wounded. Arithmeticians, oops meant to type “Historians” of the First World war take note. Stop dehumanising the war. You are rapidly boring the number 2 out of people. It is not a mathematical exercise. Have you forgotten they were people? George Anderson, William Dick, Rowland Knight ,Harry Patch, Robert Rogers, Samuel Slack, Walter Tull, William Ward, People. Numbers are people too. Don’t ignore that.

WWI in 100 objects, World War One in three minutes, continued.

Now I was going to write a wee blog about A Baby. Often neglected, well forgotten really. We remember Scots, English, Irish, Welsh, Indians, Chinese, etc. We even mention the Home Front, Western Front, Cold Fronts and Warm Fronts. Miners, Minors, Mothers, Brothers, Fathers, and Sons, but never Peace Babies.

Yep Peace brought a baby boom, so as I am not going to write a blog this time, its just a request for help-I need a Thesis Coach, Folkestone/Ashford or anywhere in between.

I was going to blog about one Peace Baby in particular. Still around today, .I actually bit her head off. I tend to do that, Peace Baby? Yes, thank you off with there head-that way you can’t hear them scream. Used to love them as a kid. First produced by Basset’s in 1918. Back then they were known as “Peace Babies”, gives you a rough idea of when they were first produced. Now they are called Jelly Babies. If you get offered them, pick the male ones, you get just that little bit extra.

Did I mention that I am looking for a Thesis Coach? I will let you have a Peace Baby.