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Merry Christmas

No new blog this week do to events outwith my control, ie Christmas/New Year

I will be researching cholera in Sinai during 1916, the invasion of Palestine in 1917, and the Chinese contribution to the First World War.

Cholera in Sinai because both General Murry and Allenby had to fight two wars, one with men the other with medicine.

The invasion of Palestine, a long running exercise, I now have the two books Allenby used to plan the invasion.

The Chinese contribution, because I promised someone I would. The first First World War site I can remember visiting was Outram Road in Singapore. The Chinese contribution to the First World War is often just ignored, not forgotten, ignored. Sometimes things in front of our eyes are. If you have the time over the holidays visit the Imperial War Museum, it is closed 24th-26 inclusive but open other days. Have a look at the First World War exhibits. You will see something that the Chinese gave to the British Army nearly a hundred years ago. They are still used by the British Army today. I doubt if the vast majority of visitors to the museum know what “they” are, but most visitors will look at “them”.

My better half is working both Christmas and boxing day, so hopefully I will have the time.

Have a Merry, Happy, Peaceful Christmas, and may your God, gods, or source of inspiration, peace and love, be with you.


IWW, WW1 will be continued, but not today.

From tonight 9 September 2014 I will be offline for a fortnight. For those who are not sure what a fortnight is, I am sorry your country decided to leave the Empire when they did, and/or, I am sorry your country did not join the Empire. After all we are so much better together. Which brings me to the reason for my being offline for the next two weeks. I am tied of it and need a break. If you can vote do.

Plenty of research to keep me busy. It is time I wrote something on those deservedly shot at dawn, (SAD). Time to study a bit for an MA/PHd, Book, or just because I enjoy it. Time for me. My research has always been free, i have found lost war graves, researched family histories, forgotten soldiers, and a probable mass grave of German IWW soldiers. Invited to a conference for post graduates. Is it only me who can see the irony here? I need a rest.

Iolaire, SAD, Richborough, Folkestone, and German War Guilt, can all wait-Look upon it as an early Christmas Truce.

More than one way to commemorate the Great War. WW1in 3 mins cont.

There is a lot of piss and bother over the commemorations this year. There is not a “Correct ” way. A lot of pomp and poppycock. If you like that sort of thing, be my guest. Enjoy it, it will be something to tell your grandchildren, “I was there.” Not for me. These stamps are from 1965, they commemorate the 50th anniversary of ANZAC day. In New Zealand the Man with the Donkey was Australia it was Simpson. The stamps are very simple and well designed. They understate the occasion and do not glorify war. There are no mass parades. No, we were more important than you. No it was really a victory. Just a plain simple commemoration. I just like them. I like to commemorate things quietly. Any other way just upsets the natives, and is simply not very British.IMG_6831 IMG_6836 IMG_6837 (2) IMG_6837 (3) IMG_6837 (4) IMG_6837 (5) IMG_6837 (6) IMG_6837